After signing up to our FREE service you have full control over your dental profile – the fun does not stop after registration. The excitement of receiving appointment requests and private messages from potential patients are just some of the benefits dentists get to enjoy once they join the community. is more than just a dental directory with various dental practices, dentist names, locations and phone numbers, but it is also a forum in which dentists and patients may discuss and talk about whatever dental topics that might arise. Once they have visited their dentists, patients have the ability to rank them and their practices based on certain criteria: demeanor, treatment and the overall comfort of the patient while in the dentist’s care.

It is important to note that the dentist must make sure that he or she along with their practice is associated with the website, this way patients will be able to find them in search results and top ranked sections. Our ranking system was designed from a patients point of view; polls were taken prior to ensure that this criteria was what made up a top dentist. We created custom algorithms that tally up all the individual scores the dentist will be assessed by and creates an overall rank for that dentist.

Once dentists are highly ranked they begin to appear in the “Top Ranked” section of the homepage. The site has been designed to function using Geolocation (Geo-IP) Technology, which makes it easier for patients to find local dentists and practices around their area. Therefore, when a patient in the dentist’s vicinity enters the site it automatically reads the zip code from which the user is located and then customizes the site to show that dentist or others within a certain mile radius.


Homepage: Top Ranked Section


Patients know how important it is to rate a dentist – by doing so they let others know how they felt about specific dentists. Patients want to be fully informed about the dentist they choose, therefore, by allowing others to express themselves gives these patients the ability to make a better informed decision.

Being ranked top dentist or practice gives YOU tremendous exposure to prospective patients searching for the best dentists in their area. The ranking option provided by our service is an important aspect to our online community and a free way for practices to get positive feedback on their performance. We advise dentists to urge their patients to rank them and their practice after a visit, this will build a stronger online reputation that will help generate more patients.

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