The diets we keep today are so different from our ancient ancestors that dental issues such as cavities, overbites, crooked teeth and overcrowding are practically inevitable. Out ancient ancestors used to chew on a lot more meat, and as our food has become softer we do not chew as much. Over the centuries our jaws have also gotten smaller and therefore they cannot accommodate all of our teeth properly. Many foods are no longer 100% fresh today adding to the dental problems already in existence. These foods are pre-packages, soft and full of sugar – not the best combination for keeping your teeth healthy. The right diet is important for your health, including your dental health. Eating the right foods is important, and how often you eat them is an important factor as well.

Foods that You Should be Eating:

  1. Cheese
  2. Chicken
  3. Meat
  4. Nuts
  5. Milk

These foods help protect the enamel on your teeth by providing them with the calcium and phosphorus needed to redeposit minerals in tooth enamel after being removed by acids. Once tooth enamel is gone it does not come back, so taking care of the enamel you have is important.

  1. Apples
  2. Pears
  3. Vegetables

Crunchy fruits and vegetables are important to keep in your diet as well. These kinds of foods have a high water content which dilutes the sugars present in them. These foods help stimulate the flow of saliva which helps prevent tooth decay.

  1. Citrus foods
  2. Tomatoes
  3. Lemons

Many dentists would tell you to stay away from all acidic foods, but top dentists understand that some acid is necessary for a healthy diet. Acidic foods, such as these are good to have, but at a minimum, and should be eaten with a larger meal to minimize the acid level. Lack of citrus foods in a diet can result in many different diseases, such as scurvy, which result in a loss of teeth.

Poor Food Choices That Should Be Avoided:

  1. Candy
  2. Cookies
  3. Cakes
  4. Pies
  5. Breads
  6. Muffins
  7. Potato Chips
  8. Pretzels
  9. French Fries
  10. Bananas
  11. Raisins and other dried fruits

These foods all contain a large amount of sugar and/or stick to your teeth. This provides a perfect place for bacteria to grow and breed. They also leave sugar around the teeth when eaten, and the sugary layer contributes to tooth decay – a surefire sign that you need to rush to your local dentist.

What about Drinks:

Besides for food, drinks are also important for a balanced and healthy diet. Your choice of beverages should include water, especially water with fluoride, milk and unsweetened tea. You should remember to limit the amount of soft drinks, such as coke, as well as lemonade, coffee, and tea with sugar.

Your diet is an important part of your life, and if you keep a healthy lifestyle you will find yourself spending less time at the best dentists and doctors’ office. Eating and drinking healthy is important. Not only will it save you the time of sitting at an office, it will also save you a headache or two and lots of pain.

  • Topi

    You shouldn’t cover it over till it has abeulotsly dried, if covered over before drying bacteria may grow because of the moisture remaining on the toothbrush. This may then exterminate the contaminating of each others toothbrushes thus leading to more healthy teeth and gums for everyone. You want to constantly check your toothbrush, if you spot the bristles are worn it’ll need replacing as quickly as possible, whether you’ve had it less than a quarter or not.

  • Dentists in Tallaght

    Nice post which you have given information about healthy food for teeth. If we will be aware about our teeth then it may be so beneficial for our health and our teeth also. These are also useful for your overall health.

  • Raleigh Family Dentist

    Calcium’s definitely a strong source in both bones and teeth.
    I also want to point out something that was briefly touched upon in your blog post. Something very important to leave out of your diet is both Coffee and soft drinks, both of these substances can stain your teeth with their sugar and food coloring.
    Also if you wear a retainer I would suggest limiting your teeth from anything sticky or food that can often get stuck in your teeth.

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    Excellent info and superbly written. Keep up the wonderful stuff!

  • Lauren

    Eating the right foods can make a world of a difference for making sure that your teeth remain healthy. You need to definitely avoid sugary drinks like soda.

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