Everyone wants the bright and pearly white smile in their mouth, and these days you can get it without a dentist. Go to your nearest drugstore and you will find many different brands of teeth whitening strips and products. Many people have tried these products and have experienced great results, but are these products worth the money you think you are saving when you use them instead of getting a professional dental teeth whitening treatment?

Dentists agree that whitening strips do whiten teeth, but the main question is also how white do you want them to be and how fast? For them to be effective you must keep up with the maintenance and use them every night. This may all add up at the end. For fast and instant results a local dentist is the bets option.

Another thing that must be factored in when making the decision is what are possible dental side effects to using the whitening strips? If the strips are placed on your gums they may end up causing sensitivity in your teeth and gums. It may end up feeling like the area burns a bit, so you must be careful about how you attach them to your teeth so that they fit closely to them without touching your gums because that is how the whitening process works.

So what does it really cost to use white strips? One box of about twenty strips can cost $50 at your local drugstore. A typical Zoom Whitening treatment by a top dentist may be around $300, but offers instant results. After the in-office treatment one needs to only go twice a year to maintain the new white smile. About six boxes of white strips cost the same amount, but you would need many more boxes to get the same bright smile.

To find a dentist close to you who offers the procedure try using a dentist directory online to browse the best dentists at the best prices available. A good directory will also offer you reviews of the procedures available and a way to easily connect with the doctor. Now make your decision wisely!


Before and After Teeth Whitening

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    Teeth Whitening Home RemediesThere are said to be many home remedies for teeth winneihtg. In this article we explain each teeth winneihtg home remedy and its effect on teeth. Some may help, but most home remedies will damage your teeth.Please do have a look at the various home remedies at…Which Professional Teeth Whitening System is Best?The fact is there has been a lot of hype about professional tooth winneihtg systems (i.e. Zoom, BriteSmile, Sapphire) that work wonders , while in reality, not a single professional tooth winneihtg system has proved to be the most effective. Your needs and your dentist are the best places to start reviewing winneihtg systems.What Dental Publications SayYou might think about researching magazines that are designed for professional dentists, but there are a lot of dental publications and many feature reports detailing the clinical trials of various professional tooth winneihtg products. Many of these reports and research materials, however, are sponsored by the manufacturers of such products, so not much can be said about their credibility. Also the majority of studies are designed to reach statistical conclusions, which is different from the side-by-side comparisons that consumers might find useful. If you think you might want to make a dramatic difference in the whiteness of your smile, it’s best to either consult your dentist or find a dentist that specializes in cosmetic procedures and not focus merely on choosing the best winneihtg system.Pick the Best DentistThere are a number of factors that determine the success of any tooth winneihtg product, including the present state of your dental health. That’s the most important reason to consult a dentist if you’re planning on professional winneihtg.In general, patients having a darker set of teeth have shown better results than people with lighter teeth. Also, the degree of relapse of tooth winneihtg achieved will vary from patient to patient. Some patients are able to sustain their results for a longer time than others. As a matter of fact, even the different teeth in a patient’s mouth show different results, despite using the same product. Hence, the results of professional tooth winneihtg products are very subjective. Besides these factors, the results also depend on the way your dentist uses the whitener. Certain professional tooth winneihtg products are to be used in a specific way. The results of the winneihtg system can be affected by the dentist’s adherence to the protocol as prescribed by the manufacturer.Ideally, you should focus on finding the best dentist for tooth winneihtg rather than looking for the best professional tooth winneihtg system in the market. The results depend on how skilled your dentist is and how he or she uses the tooth winneihtg system.While choosing dentists you should keep the following things in mind:- The experience of the dentist in this field- Number of teeth winneihtg treatments performed- Number of teeth winneihtg methods available- Testimonials and results of previous patientsOnce you find the best dentist for tooth winneihtg, let the dentist decide the best tooth winneihtg system for you.

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