Toothaches are painful and often times mind numbing. The pain can be so bad that you cannot focus on anything else; whether it is work, school, friends or family. Most, if not all, people experience toothaches in varying degrees, but thanks to modern dental care and technology we experience less often than our ancestors did. Now, even though we experience these pains less often than our ancestors did, it does not mean that they are any less intense and painful. To help deal with the pain until you can get to your dentist try one of these easy solutions to help you get by.

  1. Try a garlic and salt mixture. One clove of garlic and a pinch of salt mixed together will create a paste. Rub the paste on the hurting tooth. The antibacterial compound allicin found in garlic can help fight off the bacteria that causes toothaches.
  2. Chew a clove of garlic every morning.
  3. Temporary relief can also be achieved by rubbing a numbing or desensitizing cream against the aching tooth.
  4. Taking aspirin, ibuprofen or acetaminophen.
  5. Chew on an onion. The antibacterial agents found in it may help fight off the bacteria that cause pain.
  6. Rinse out your mouth. Sometimes a piece of food or other debris might have gotten stuck between your teeth and is applying pressure on the tooth causing it to throb.
  7. Oil cloves on your tooth may help too. If you use this natural remedy it is important to remember to make sure the oil clove does not get on your gum for it may burn.
  8. Wrapping ice cubes in a paper towel and holding it to your cheek.

These eight treatment tips might help in relieving the pain, but if the pain is due to a more complex issue that has built up in your mouth they will not help you forever. When you start feeling a numbing pain coming from your mouth it is important to call your local dentist right away to make sure that the pain is not a result of a serious oral ailment.

Let us know if any of these tips worked for you? Perhaps you have your own way to alleviate toothaches?

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