Using mouthwash is very important for keeping your teeth and gums healthy and your breath minty fresh. But when choosing a brand of mouthwash, which one are you supposed to buy? Buying the correct mouthwash may save your life. Some studies show that it is better, and safer to buy an alcohol-free mouthwash. These studies have shown that those who use an alcohol-based mouthwash twice a day are six times more likely to develop a form of oral cancer. Other studies have found no such relation between the two.

Many top dentists agree with the study that alcohol-based mouthwashes may cause oral sores and oral cancer. The burning sensation one feels, in the oral cavity, when rinsing with mouthwash is actually NOT a good thing. They do say that even with the conflicting evidence, when individuals who use their alcohol-based mouthwash to cover the smell of tobacco and alcohol it is especially dangerous. Consumption of tobacco and alcohol have been directly linked to oral cancer, so increasing the amount of alcohol will most likely increase risk.

Also, when you experience that burning sensation you are not only destroying the bad bacteria, but the good as well. Your mouth has a specific concentration of bacteria, saliva and minerals, and when you use alcohol-based mouthwash you upset the balance.

Until more concrete evidence is found about the dangers of alcohol-based mouthwashes it is up to you to buy the one you want. But you must understand that as of now, there are many theories that claim that it is safer and healthier to use alcohol-free mouthwash.

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