Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Every local drugstore to big named department stores are carrying everything from heart shaped boxes filled with various different chocolates to jumbo sized teddy bears holding “I Love You” and “Be Mine” signs. Each member of a couple prepares differently. Women usually make sure they have the right outfit for where their special someone is taking them and what gift to buy and if it will be as amazing and special as you want it to be. The men are usually stressing about where to take their date, what chocolate to get, what gift is big and wonderful enough but not too over the top, and if the plan is everything his date is hoping for. Since everyone involved in the planning of an intricate Valentine’s Day date is always feeling like there is something forgotten, everyone here at has come up with a few things you should remember to take care of in the weeks leading up to this special day.

First off, go see your local dentist! You might think that this is completely irrelevant, but your dentist can make sure that two important and key aspects go off without a hitch when it comes to your date. These two things are your smile and your breath. You do not want to have yellow, discolored, and stained teeth the night you take your special date out on such an important night. A routine cleaning and your dentist office can take that smile of yours to the next level and give you a wonderful confidence boost. The second thing, your breath, you most likely did not think of that one. But it could be that bacteria and other particles have lodged themselves in between your teeth and have started to release an odor. We all know that you are hoping for a spectacular kiss to end the night with, and you definitely do not want your date walking away thinking about how bad your breath was.

Another little tip for all of you is that when you buy a box of chocolate you should go with the dark, semi-sweet chocolates. These chocolates are much richer in taste and have a lot less sugar in them. Sugar will end up being a bad thing when it, paired with the bubbly champagne and/or wine you order, will only speed up the process of decaying your teeth thus speeding up your next appointment to a top dentist. And remember to not forget the Valentine’s Day card with your gift and chocolates. While it is always nice to have a cute poem written by the card company printed inside, do not forget to write something personal inside, something that comes from your heart!

Once you remember to do these small things you should be set as soon as the reservations have been made and confirmed and the gift wrapped and ready to go. So now it is time to get excited! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and you have no reasons left to be stressed!

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