Inspired by parents who work in the field of dentistry, the three Rubinshtein brothers created in 2009, a website dedicated to educating both patients and dentists.

The oldest brother Daniel, the CEO of Rank My Dentist LLC and a student at New York University College of Dentistry, seeks to broaden the minds of dentists so that they realize that not only is filling and drilling important, but so is representing dentistry as a brand, because it is a business too.

Geoffrey, the middle brother, is the COO. He previously worked on his parents’ dental website, and understands that having a well-built site is imperative in growing a dental practice. Geoffrey uses his artistic sense and keen attention to detail to provide a site everyone will want to use.

The youngest brother and CFO, Brandon, has worked with his parents to educate patients about the significance of oral and dental hygiene. The goal of the website is to inform patients because the more knowledgeable a patient is, the more people can prevent dental and health related problems.

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  • DDS Strategy

    Great blog you are doing great job.

  • Dentist pinole

    Dentists and practices can now learn of their strengths and grow in fields, which they themselves did not know they were weak in. The patient-dentist interaction allows the dentist to connect with potential patients from the comfort of their office or home computer.

    • Alejandro

      lol a couple of the riweevs bloggers write are just silly and unrelated, sometimes i wonder whether they at all read the post before writing or whether they merely look at the subject of the post and write the very first thought that comes to their minds. But it is nice to find a fresh commentary every now and then in contrast to the exact same, traditional blog garbage which I oftentimes notice on the blogs. Cheers

      • Hadi

        if only i could afford this, i would be so so very happy. Because of mecaidl issues i would love to be able to afford this, if there are any dentist out there, rich people, or someone who can afford to give a person like me a chance to have such a lovely smile that i never had!!!! One can can hope and pray!!!!!!

  • dentist Richmond

    There are many ways to prevent dental problems. To keep your gums healthy requires good nutrition, brushing and flossing three times a day. Brushing and flossing at least once a day removes plaque damage to our teeth and gums caused.Use a fluoride toothpaste plaque and prevent cavities to occur.

    • Leonardo

      Find a new Dentist But make sure it is well a rounded and well known. Any kind of work on your teeth is gonna be super expeisnve. Why do you think dental isn’t included in lots of insurance packages. Good luck but just don’t pick any jerk. or you could find your self in a lot of pain,or other serious problems!

  • Robi

    We are looking farword to reading your future posts on practice management. Included in a successful dental practice is not just good software, but also the right office design, the latest technology, and excellent customer service. Good software is just a small part of a good practice. We hope you will touch on all aspects of successful practice management. Thank you.

  • Taty

    @Doug- I told the hygienist serveal times that I did not like how she was doing the job and she didn’t seem to care. My thought at the time was that if I told the person directly, that should have been enough to have her alter her behavior to not continue the cleaning the way she was. In this case I’m not sure that telling the dentist would have helped. I definitely agree that someone has to be told if service is not acceptable.

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