Take a step back and think, where do you breathe in and out from? Most of you will probably say your nose and think that this question is completely silly and weird, but some of you would say that you breathe from your mouth and wonder why we are asking you to pay attention to this issue. “Mouth breathing” is an actual ailment and condition that can lead to various sorts of problems. So, if you answered that you breathe from your mouth, or someone you know breathes from their mouth, it is time to stop! Breathing from your mouth is just fine when one is exercising, but when it is done excessively due to allergies, sinus or nasal congestion it may result in many problems. The reason for this is because of the air being much cooler and less filtered than when it is breathed in through the nose.

Problems associated with “mouth breathing:”

  1. Oral cavity, or the mouth, dries out
  2. Long Face Syndrome – when there are abnormalities in the shape of the face and jaw, gummy smiles, gingivitis and crooked teeth
  3. Social stigma associated with being less attractive, less intelligent, and inept
  4. Misdiagnoses of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or hyperactivity
  5. Poor sleeping habits that may lead to bad academic performance, development and growth
  6. Lower levels of oxygen in the blood which can increase the risk of one’s chance in developing hypertension, heart disease and sleep apnea


  1. Clearing the sinus and nasal passageways
  2. Orthodontic intervention to correct face and jaw abnormalities
  3. Surgery

“Mouth breathing” might seem like a silly joke, but it is a serious problem that may lead to many social, psychological and physical issues in the future. One of the main problems with this condition is that many medical professionals do not recognize it when they come across it. Most often the condition is diagnosed by a child’s local dentist and an intervention of some sort is set up between the doctor and the parent to rectify the situation.

Top dentists and dental health professionals are much more familiar with the symptoms and are therefore much more likely to recognize and treat it before the issues progress. It is important to see your dentist regularly so that he or she may notice if you start to develop any of the symptoms and problems associated with “mouth breathing.” Staying healthy is important, and your dentist is there to help you!

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