Spring break is coming up. So are Easter, Passover and Kwanza. Most public and private schools are off. College students are getting ready for their spring break destinations. Everyone, from young to old, is excited about the upcoming months of warm weather and the knowledge that summer is just around the corner. Spring break – the first vacation of the New Year for many. Even though this is all very exciting, it is still important to remember to keep an eye on what you are doing and how it will effect your health. Many times on vacation people go a little crazy, or eat things that they shouldn’t, and this all has an effect on their overall health – this includes their dental health! You do not want to deal with any dental concerns while you are away, especially if you have traveled to another country, far from your regular dentist.

A good way to avoid any dental concerns that might arise while on vacation is to go to your dentist before you leave the country. A quick check up can tell you if there are any small issues that need to be taken care of now, so that you will feel no discomfort later on. This is especially important if you have or have had gum disease, have a partially protruding wisdom tooth, or are going away for an extended amount of time. If you are traveling to a lesser-developed country it is important to get immunized against Hepatitis B because often times dentists there will not be vaccinated. This will require a process beginning at least 6 months before you travel so make sure to speak to your dentist.

While on vacation and sitting on the beach you are ordering countless margaritas and daiquiris – very sugary drinks that contribute to tooth decay and other oral health concerns. Make sure to limit these, you want to enjoy yourself, but do not do it at the expense of your health down the line. Have fun, but keep the drinks at a minimum. This is especially important for the younger generations going away, especially the spring breakers – running around drunk on sugary drinks can make your teeth weak, and if you fall there is a greater chance a tooth will chip. If you are still within the borders of the USA, go online and use a dentist directory to find a local dentist near you – simple and easy! But if you are in another country you want to try to avoid seeing a dentist you know nothing about and might not be able to find online.

Emergencies do happen, and we want all of you to be prepared. Finding a top dentist is not always easy, and you need to know what to do! Here are a few scenarios that might happen and what you should do:

Have a toothache?

  • First rinse your mouth with warm water
  • Use dental floss to make sure that there is no food or debris stuck in between your teeth. Sometimes pressure from these may cause your tooth to ache.
  • DO NOT put any aspirin or other painkiller medicine on your tooth or gums. It may burn your gum tissue.
  • If the pain still persists call a dentist.

Broke a tooth?

  • First rinse your mouth with warm water and clean the area in your mouth.
  • With a cold compress put slight pressure on the area so that the swelling is kept down.
  • Call a dentist immediately!

Cracked Tooth

  • Put slight pressure on the area with a cold compress to keep the swelling down.
  • Go to a dentist or an emergency room at a hospital.

Someone knock your tooth out?

  • Hold your tooth by the crown and rinse the root if it is dirty. Make sure to NOT scrub it so that you do not remove any tissue fragments that may be attached.
  • According to the ADA (American Dental Association) you should check to see if you could hold the tooth back in its socket. If you cannot, put the tooth in a cup of milk and get to a dentist ASAP!

Now that you are well informed, go and enjoy your vacation. In no time at all we will all be basking in the sunlight and enjoying summer. The kids will be out of schools, professors in class more lenient, and everyone is in a much happier mood! So enjoy all the holidays and spring break, because it is only the beginning of good things to come.

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